About us

About us …..

Neith Textiles is a family business and we just love working with Egyptian and British textiles.

We love using high quality British fabrics to make beautiful and bespoke soft furnishings and lampshades. All of our products are cut by hand and made individually. We carefully hand turn each of our lampshades. We are constantly looking for new fabrics and testing out new designs.

Egyptian weaving is another passion of ours and we work alongside weavers who have been taught the skills of weaving by their mothers and grandmothers. Our team of weavers use ancient wooden looms and incorporate traditional patterns into our scarves (ferkas), wraps, throws and rugs.

Ferkas are scarves or shawls woven by hand in Upper Egypt that were originally exported from Egypt to Sudan and the heart of Africa through long established caravan trade routes.

Egyptian cotton and viscose made from short cotton fibres are used to weave our textiles. file_000Combining traditional weaving techniques with modern textiles and designs allows us to produce high quality scarves and wraps.

We are proud that all purchases help fund better education for women and children in a rural part of Upper Egypt, as well as helping to improve living standards and fund better social benefits.

We have a great business partner in Egypt who we rely on for all of our transportations needs whilst we are getting out and about. 123 Taxi Hurghada helps make what we do possible!