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Men’s scarves 101

Not surprisingly I often chat with friends and family members about which of our scarves would be suitable for a man. Many of our scarves are truly unisex but the question people keep asking me is ‘how do you know?’

I have a simple rule of thumb when determining whether a scarf is a good scarf for a man:

  • If it glitters or sparkles this is definitely one to steer clear of;
  • Any extra long dangly bits or beaded tassels generally look a little bit girly;
  • Flower and animal prints also tend to look girly;
  • Colour – well I think you are getting the idea now;
  • Finally, if you see a scarf you like – buy it!

The next important question is ‘how should men tie a scarf?’ The great news here is that the internet is full of amazing step by step guides on how men can tie scarves. More good news – one scarf can be tied in a number of ways to help men create a comfortable and stylish look.

My favourite, no nonsense guide comes from who provide a step by step guide on 11 ways a man can tie a scarf. You can check this out here –

If you have a favourite way to tie a scarf or have thoughts on choosing a scarf for men, I would love to hear from you.

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