Eco Friendly Log Basket


Eco Friendly Log Basket. Handwoven Water Hyacinth And Raffia Basket. Perfect For Storing Fireside Logs. Natural Home Storage Basket And Round Planter.

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Eco Friendly Log Basket

This lovely basket was handwoven in Indonesia from raffia and water hyacinth.

Water hyacinth grows naturally and is one of the fastest growing plants even known. Each plant produces thousands of seeds and some plants are known to grow up to 5 metres a day! The stems of the plants are picked and dried before being woven into baskets. Water hyacinth fibres are also used as a raw product for paper.

At approximately 25cm in height, with a diameter of approximately 36cm, this basket is the perfect fireside log basket. It is also a versatile storage basket that you can use around your home.



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