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Welcome to Neith Textiles

Hand Crafted!

At Neith Textiles we create unique hand crafted home and lifestyle products including hand crafted lampshades and throw blankets made from rescued fabric. Plus we work with artisans across the globe to bring you hand crafted home and lifestyle accessories we think you will love! Including recycled cotton throws, handwoven silk cushions, handwoven scarves and versatile handwoven baskets. 

British Fabric

We love using high quality British fabrics to make beautiful and bespoke soft furnishings and lampshades. Importantly to us, all of our products are cut by hand and made individually. Therefore you can be assured that your item, made by us, has not been mass produced. 

We carefully hand turn each of our lampshades. Plus, we are constantly looking for new fabrics and testing out new designs. 

We just love large, comfy cushions. Because of this you will always find a stock of handmade cushion covers on our virtual shelves.

We also rescue fabric. Sad to say that a great deal of fabric is destined for landfill. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it is simply overstock fabric. We love to rescue this fabric and get creative!

Egyptian Weaving

Egyptian weaving is another passion of ours. Plus, we love working alongside weavers. The talented ladies we work with have been taught the skills of weaving by their mothers and grandmothers. Additionally, our team of weavers use ancient wooden looms and incorporate traditional patterns into our scarves, wraps, throws and rugs.

Ferkas are scarves or shawls woven by hand in Upper Egypt. Their origins date back centuries! We know that ferkas were originally exported from Egypt to Sudan and the heart of Africa through long established caravan trade routes. It all sounds rather romatic to us.

Back to today and we are proud that all purchases help fund better education for women and children in a rural part of Upper Egypt where employment for women is extremely limited. Every sale has a direct, positive impact on living standards and better social benefits for the weavers we work with.

We have a great business partner in Egypt who we rely on for all of our transportation needs whilst we are getting out and about. 123 Taxi & Tours Hurghada helps make what we do possible!

Fair Trade and Fairly Traded

Another passion of ours is working with small artisan businesses around the globe.  This means that you will find unique, artisan made items in our online store. We work with a number of small artisan cooperatives in India and Nepal. Recently we discovered a group of artisans working in Vietnam and are proud to be selling their Fair Trade baskets. You really do need to check these out!

Fairly traded items haven’t yet received the fair trade stamp of approval, but for us their ethical credentials are as important.

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Our admin address is: 7 Baulmsholme Close, Northampton, NN4 8BJ.

Our admin phone number is: 07753937066.

You can also get in touch by emailing us at sharon@neithtextiles.co.uk

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