Gift Bag For Produce And Bread


Our 100% cotton gift bag. The perfect bag to gift artisan bread or homemade produce. Plus a versatile bag for around the home and washable toileteries bag.

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Gift Bag For Produce And Bread

A gorgeous bag for gifting. However, this bag also works equally well for storing fruit and vegetables. Plus, roll the sides down and use this cotton bad as a bread basket on the table.

The outer fabric is beautiful Iliv fabric and each bag is lined with unbleached cotton. The double pull drawstring closure is made from recycled cotton rope.

Storing bread in natural fibre bags has actually been used for a very long time. It is still a storage method recommended by bakers today. The air exchange maintains the moisture at an optimal level to preserve the original taste and texture.

After use, simply shake out any crumbs and reuse it as often as you like. Wash in cold water on delicate cycle with a soft detergent and lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Please note, the position of the fabric may vary but there will always be a whole elephant on the bag.

  • Width: approximately 32 centimetres
  • Height: approximately 36 centimetres

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